Cast List for Mamamouchi

Cast List:  Alphabetically by Actress/Actor

Hannah Baker              Travelling Actress*

Alec Baldwin                 Acting Master

Becca Beiter                  Nicole

Nikki Blanchard            Travelling Actress*

Nikki Broussard            Travelling Actress*

Bridget Calderwood     Travelling Actress*

Meredith Cox                Dorimène

Mollie Crom                  Dance Master

Robbie DiLeo                Madame Jourdain

Brian Freeman             Fencing Master

Nkiera Gresham           Travelling Actress*

Chase Hembry              Lackey

Anna Holcomb              Travelling Actress*

Banah Isayas                Travelling Actress*

Faith Knabenshue       Travelling Actress*

Derek Martin                Dorante

Carson McNamara       Philosophy Master

Brianna Oster               Tailor’s Apprentice

Danielle Oster               Piano Master

Matthew Prousalis       Cléonte

Sophia Prousalis           Tailor’s Apprentice

Austin Ramzee              Travelling Actor*

Kariama Reavis            Travelling Actress*

Austin Riley                   Music Master

Ashley Richardson       Lucile

Fox Showalter               Lackey

Tanner Sigmon             Covielle

Taylor Small                  Tailor’s Apprentice

Ahmed Soliman            Tailor

Roi Sprouse                   Audience Participant

A.J. Stegeman                Travelling Actor*

Kyra Vaughan              Tailor’s Apprentice

Morgan Williams          Monsieur Jourdain

*The travelling actresses and actors (as well as other members of the cast) are part of an old-fashioned acting troupe who will be performing in the comic interludes, the Mamamouchi ceremony and/or the musicalat the end of the play written by Monsieur Jourdain.


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