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Work Day Today–October 31!

October 31, 2010

Join us for set building and mask making between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Rehearsal Schedule for the Week of October 25-29th

October 22, 2010


Monday           3:45-6

All Cast:  Run Lines / Filming of Dream Sequence / Office Scene

Tuesday           3:45-5:30

All Cast:  Speed Read of Script—OFF BOOK!

                        Actors with fewer lines will be let go early.

Wednesday      3:45-5:00

Run 1st Half of play

Thursday          3:45-5:00

Run 2nd Half of play

Friday              3:45 HHS Haloween Film Fest (Optional)

(Screening of some of the “nightmare” footage for The Life of Insects)

                        All Crew: Tech Meeting        4:30-5:30

Saturday and/or Sunday—Build Day to be announced. . . .

Please scroll down for a plea for your recycled donations!

Please Help Us!

October 13, 2010

We are using recycled materials to build masks for The Life of Insects–a wonderfully inventive comedy that opens November 18th.  We are especially in need of Lipton Iced Tea jugs of the sort pictured here:

We will need many jugs just like this one to build masks for two large armies of ants.  Please consider drinking this fine tea and donating the empty jug to us.

We are also in need of 2 liter coke bottles and 20 oz. bottles from Pepsi products.  Donated recycled materials of the sort described above may be brought to the Theatre Arts Room.

Donations of yellow, red, and lime green Duck brand duct tape are also especially welcome. 

Special thanks to Ruffin & Payne for their generous donation of lumber for the construction of the set for The life of Insects:

Below is an early prototype for what the ant masks may end up looking like:

Rehearsal Schedule for October 18-22

October 8, 2010

Monday       Horse Flies & Vagabond  3:45-4:45

                        Chrysalises 5:00-6:00

Tuesday      Scenes 2-21 (pgs. 1-23)     3:45-5:30  Blocking                

Wednesday  Scenes 2-21 (pgs. 1-23)     3:45-6:00  Blocking

Thursday   Scenes 23-43 (pgs. 23-43)  3:45-6:00  Blocking

Friday          Entire Cast & Crew 3:45-5:00  Blocking

Saturday       Build Day  9-5  (Auditorium and Classroom)

Actors should be off book by the following Monday–October 25th!